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Interview with Makiko Wakai

Festival Film Dokumenter (FFD) 2018 had a chance to interview Makiko Wakai, coordinator of “New Asian Currents” program, a Competition program introducing emerging filmmakers from…
aryo danusiri

Interview With Aryo Danusiri

Aryo Danusiri, an Indonesian documentary filmmaker who often uses observational approach, found problems in Indonesian documentaries. He thought that filmmakers still build a dualism between…
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Review Film: Danchi Woman (2018)
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Film Review: Danchi Woman (2018)

We’ll never know since when development, advancement, and modernity became inseparable to numbers. Those numbers didn’t just stop at economic growth index worksheets but has shaped a mindset on how to position yourself amid contemporary capitalism. The mindset that we…
Review Film: Small Talk (2016)
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Film Review: Small Talk (2016)

Mutual love between a mother and her child is often portrayed in perfect relationships. The mother presents as an ideal figure, similar to Goddess Kwan Im who was calm, fulfilling all requests. And, children depicted as obedient figures and at…
Review Film: Więzi (2016)
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Film Review: Więzi (2016)

Więzi (2016) – then better known as Close Ties – is a film that shows different meaning from a close relationship. Narrated by an elderly couple, Barbara and Zdzislaw Torhan. who spend their old days with conversations about financial, household…
Spektrum: Sudut Dunia
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Spektrum: Spaces and Places

Documentary has always been dynamically evolving. New styles and approaches are constantly surfacing, while the boundaries between fiction and documentary increasingly blurring.  Documentary is no longer viewed as merely journalistic reportage. Various innovations undoubtedly present by combining various elements and…
Review Film: Etage 39 (2017)
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Film Review: Etage 39 (2017)

How does someone interpret a spatial experience? And how do they express their preferences of it? Etage 39 (2017) was a project that tried to answer the questions. Nicolas Boone held a unique experiment collaborating with 11 exceedingly imaginative people in…