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8 des

Daily Guideline: Saturday – December 8th, 2018

1.00 p.m. BEAUTIFUL THINGS (2017) | SOCIETET TBY Capturing noisy reality thus exiling head voices, Giorgio Ferrero through Beautiful Things (2017) proposed his reflection towards …

7 Desember 2018

Daily Guideline: Friday, December 7th, 2018

10.30 a.m. “SCHOOL OF SEEING” TALKING MONEY (2018) DISCUSSION | LOOP STATION YOGYAKARTA Integrated under the program “School of Seeing” from In-Docs which will screen …


Daily Guidelines: Thursday – December 6th, 2018

1.00 p.m. TAIWAN DOC – SHORT PART | SOCIETET TBY This slot invites the audience to return into a glimpse of the long history of …

DocSound: Suara dalam Keseharian

DocSound: Sounds in Everyday Life

Sound is often placed as mere background in a film. As a musical accompaniment; as an atmosphere builder; as a soundscape that is dragged into …

Taiwan Documentary: Into The Time Capsule

Taiwan Documentary: Into the Time Capsule

Moments and times flew by in a split second. For centuries, humans, as though possessed, had tried to find ways to stop time; for a …

Spektrum: Sudut Dunia

Spektrum: Spaces and Places

Documentary has always been dynamically evolving. New styles and approaches are constantly surfacing, while the boundaries between fiction and documentary increasingly blurring.  Documentary is no …

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