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FFD 2019 - Our Youth in Taiwan

Interpreting Social Movement with Our Youth in Taiwan (2018)

Our Youth in Taiwan (Yue Fu, 2018) reminds us of the sunflower movement in Taiwan, the notable social movement back in 2014. Led by mostly …

Notes from the Fringe (2019): Witnessing Evictions with the Sensory Ethnography Approach

The United Nations in 1993 have issued a resolution stating that forced eviction practices are considered as major violation against the human rights, especially the …

Good Neighbours (2018): Campaigning against Loneliness

The doorbells ring as two women, Kelder and Wilma Slobbe, come to enliven the houses in the city, thus, the owners will no longer be …

Programmers’ Picks: Fiky Daulay

Fiky Daulay is the Festival Film Dokumenter (FFD) 2019’s Programmer for Sensory Ethnography: Eye Witness. The program he handles contains clips of audiovisual works whose …

FFD 2019 - Turning 18

The Sought After Happiness

Mental health is achieved once human satifsy his needs to feel happy. Humans attempt various ways i search of happiness: doing their favorite activities, spreading …

Programmer’s Picks: Ukky Satya

Having been around since 2013, Ukky Satya is a Programmer of Festival Film Dokumenter (FFD) 2019. This year, she handles SchoolDoc and Lanskap program. She …

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