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Perspektif: Hak untuk Malas

Perspektif: The Right to be Lazy

What comes to mind when we hear the word “work”? At first–and in general, work is deciphered merely  as an act of fulfilling needs. However, …

Review Film: Electro-Pythagoras (2017)

Film Review: Electro-Pythagoras (2017)

A profile movie, be it in the form of documenter or fiction, often depicts a character or a subject told as a special, flawless being. …

Review Film: Etage 39 (2017)

Film Review: Etage 39 (2017)

How does someone interpret a spatial experience? And how do they express their preferences of it? Etage 39 (2017) was a project that tried to answer …

Review Film: Wine Calling (2018)

Film Review: Wine Calling (2018)

‘Eating’ –as a verb– in fact isn’t merely about what is served on the plate. It’s a festive ritual, an intersection as a beginning of …

Review Film: Beautiful Things (2017)

Film Review: Beautiful Things (2017)

“Flee, my friend, into your solitude! I see you deafened with the noise of the great men, and stung all over with the stings of …

FFD 2017 | Ruang Rupa Radio Rock Tour

Doc Music: Humanizing Music Through Discussion

We do not know since when music becomes not only about audio, but also visual. The 21th century is also having its own dynamics about …

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