Our Wisisi Music

Short Competition
2023 — 40 min — 13+


Music has long been an accompaniment to the lives of West Papuans, which to a certain extent can turn into a weapon. After several decades, Wisisi is here to fill the absence of authentic Papuan music. Through an encounter between modern technology and rituals of the people in the central mountainous region of West Papua, Nikolas, Asep, and other youths transformed Wisisi into a popular electronic music offering with a rocking Aster shuffle. Through a self-distribution method, Wisisi is now a contemporary music that is not only loved in West Papua, but also by many in other parts of the world.


FFD 2023

1st Screening

Auditorium IFI-LIP
4 December 2023, 19:00 GMT+7

2nd Screening

Gedung ex Bioskop Permata
8 December 2023, 20:00 GMT+7


  • Arief Budiman

    Arief Budiman is an artist and filmmaker. In the past few years, Arief’s artistic practice has been closely related to the internet, archives, and collective memory related to historical themes and violence that has occurred in Indonesia. For Arief, the internet and technology are instruments that can open up new possibilities in reading the dark history of the past. Through this instrument, he created an alternative history of the historical inequalities that had already been established and a counter-narrative of unresolved cases of violence.

  • Harun Rumbarar

    Harun Rumbarar is a media activist, documentary filmmaker, and head of Papuan Voices. Harun uses audiovisual as a tool to bring attention to the ongoing problems in Papua. Some of his works have been screened in festivals and community advocacy activities such as the Papua Film Festival, Coconet Camping in the Philippines, and Safenet.

  • Bonny Lanny

    Bonny Lanny is a filmmaker and musician based in Wamena, West Papua. Bonny is actively involved with Papuan Voices and has formed several music communities. Up until now, he has produced several albums consisting pop and traditional Wamena music.


Original TitleWisisi Nit Meke
Countries of ProductionIndonesia
Spoken LanguagesIndonesian

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