MADA or the story of the first man

2021 — 10 min — PG
MADA or the story of the first man


Pada zaman dahulu, pulau-pulau di Samudera Hindia membentuk sebuah pulau yang besar. Pada zaman dahulu, manusia pertama lahir di sebuah provinsi di Madagaskar. Pada zaman dahulu, manusia memutarbalikkan cerita tersebut. Sekarang adalah saatnya untuk menceritakan kebenarannya.


FFD 2021


  • Laurent Pantaléon

    Laurent Pantaléon

    After a National Diploma of the Arts and Technique to the School of Fine Arts of Reunion, Laurent Pantaléon settles down in independent and carries out photographic and video works around the identity and around the héritage from Réunion.

    In 2004 with the kino movement he puts in image several of its scenarios. These video realizations mark the beginnings of his universe : a very visual grammar close to that of the griots, leaving a place with the image and in the satellite dish. For him, it is not the story which is important, it is the way of telling it.

    This classic, south-south cinema build “The dark side of the Santa Claus” which is its first short film cinéma, a poetic work, committed and rooted in the reality of Reunion.

    Beyond an exceptional festival trip, we will note for this film its selection in competition in a category A festival, the FESPACO, the largest festival in Africa. “Baba Sifon” his second short lm was also selected at FESPACO. “MADA” is his third cinema short.


Judul AsliMADA ou l'histoire du premier homme
Negara ProduksiReunion
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