Fishing Dreams

2021 — 9 min — PG
Fishing Dreams


Seseorang menceritakan mimpi yang didapatinya, yaitu pergi memancing dan mendapatkan banyak sekali ikan, mimpi semacam ini sering dikaitkan dengan simbol keberuntungan. Namun ia malah takut jikalau mimpi tersebut akan terjadi berulang kali, pada generasi ke generasi.


FFD 2021


  • Kholif Mundzira

    Kholif Mundzira

    Kholif Mundzir Aldry is an interdisciplinary artist born in Samarinda, East Kalimantan, 1998. He currently completing his Bachelor of Film & Television study at the Indonesian Art Institute, Yogyakarta. He has an interest in how audio-visual work and how it impacts the ecosystem of life. He often experiments using video and audio media, most of which were produced by collecting random documentation he already had, spontaneous recording, responding to events, happening scenes, improvising, then he would construct, tweak, or thicken the context at the editing table, and re-read his works after they are finished. This habit grows, influenced by the fact that in his hometown he often gets jobs or roles that could suddenly change in the various activities of the theater communities that he participates in as there is always discussion and evaluation afterward. Besides producing audiovisual works or video art, He also makes several mixed media works, installations, and performances and has been exhibited or displayed in several art spaces or galleries in Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Surabaya, & Samarinda. In the future, He wants to produce a variety of film works, starting with “Temimpi Maunjun (Fishing Dreams)” as a start.


Judul AsliTemimpi Maujun
Negara ProduksiIndonesia
Bahasa AsliIndonesian, Banjar