Opening Night of Festival Film Dokumenter (FFD) 2019


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Festival Film Dokumenter (FFD) was officially opened on December 1st, 2019 in Societet Militair Taman Budaya Yogyakarta. As the Southeast Asia’s oldest documentary film celebration, FFD continues to foster the documentary ecosystem in Indonesia by functioning as medium, exhibition, appreciation, and education space. The opening was marked by the musical performance of Answer Sheet and the screening of Turning 18 (2018) by Ho Chao Ti from Taiwan.

This year, FFD presents 91 films screened in 15 programs scattered over six locations: Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, IFI-LIP Yogyakarta, Kedai Kebun Forum,  Padepokan Seni Bagong Kussudiardja (PSBK), Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI) Yogyakarta, and Universitas Gadjah Mada.

“Competition is an annual program we have been holding since 2002. We received 286 film submissions and selected 25 finalists in four competition categories,” reported Ayu Diah Cempaka, the Program Director of FFD 2019.

FFD also comes with several thematic programs in response to social phenomena. Perspektif invites people to discuss mental health issues beyond medical. Focus on South Korea reviews the works of female directors, who are often overlooked. Focus on Canada, designed together with associate programmers of Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), highlights the characteristics of Canadian West Coast filmmakers. Furthermore, there are also other programs that welcome everyone to reinvestigate the stance of reality within documentary films.

As the Festival Director, Henricus Pria hoped FFD, from now on, to be a safe space for gathering, learning, and expressing opinions. Film, he said, should be an art form for people of all walks of life. Various discourses in the programs of this festival are to be enjoyed for free on December 1st – 7th, 2019.

Written by Nisa Rachmatika

Translated by M. Hafidh Al Mukmin