Building an Inclusive Space through The Feelings of Reality

— Newsletter
FFD 2019

On December 3rd 2019, FFD held a program called Doctalk: The Feelings of Reality which coincided the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. The Feeling of Reality is a collective program between FFD and Voice Global which began from 2018 to 2020. The program was held at IFI-LIP Yogyakarta with two speakers from Sasana Inklusi dan Gerakan Advokasi Difabel (SIGAB) Yogyakarta, Aiwan Arief and M. Ismail.

The Feeling of Reality screened eight films, which are, Alun (Riani Singgih, 2019); Menjadi Agung (Yovita Ahthajida, 2019); Aisyah (Ahmad Syafi’I Nur Illahi, 2019); Saling (Ridho Fisabilillah, 2019); Menjadi Teman (Aji Kusuma, 2019); Bulu Mata Kaki (Firman Fajar Wiguna, 2019); Apa di Kata Nadakanlah, Apa di Nada Katakanlah (Gracia Tobing, 2019); and Indera Kaki (Ihsan Achdiat, 2019).

The films were presented in a different concept. Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology that allows audiences to interact with cyberspace, thus, the audience will feel like they are in the films. Through VR, The Feeling of Reality invites audiences to have a unique experience of watching films.

Before the discussion, four films such as Alun (2019), Indera Kaki (2019), Menjadi Teman (2019), and Aisyah (2019) were screened.

 “This is my first VR experience. I was there, I stood yet I could not walk. I was dancing because I can feel the music from the tool that I was holding” said Zaka.

As the VR screening was over, and the audiences had shared their experience, the program was continued by a discussion. Both speakers talked about the detailed process of mentoring and finishing the film. VR can be a medium for advocate, however, it has not been fully exploited. According to Ismail, film has an ability to promote the topic of disability and VR supports the idea by allowing the audience to be closer to the topic.

Here are some advice on how to make a documentary film about disability: portray the character naturally (do not exaggerate), do not include the character’s past, and treat the character as the subject rather than the object of the film.

Aji Kusuma, one of the filmmakers, stated that the filmmakers need to learn to be inclusive. Moreover they should show the character’s daily activities.

Through The Feeling of Reality, FFD tries to be an inclusive and open organization for everybody.

Written by Dinda Agita Dewi

Translated by M. Hafidh Al Mukmin