Remapping the Origins

Johannes Gierlinger
42 min.
  • Synopsis

Remapping the origins is an essayistic film about the city of Białystok, a reflection on how to deal with history and memory in a formerly pluralistic and revolutionary place. On its disappearance it has been worked for a century. A permanent clash of ideologies, ideas, and beliefs. Being the birthplace of the two visionaries – Zamenhof and Vertov – the city today is regarded as a place in Europe where the political pressure of the right wing is one of the most obvious. The film brings the legacy of Białystok into the present and links it with current social developments. Thus, Remapping the origins becomes a reflection on the reading of historical events within collective historiography and the culture of commemoration. An essayistic meditation on loss, continuity and progression. A search for traces in a city that could be the exemplary stand for more than a city, maybe for Europe, maybe for the future.

  • Country
  • Program
Feature-length Competition
  • Screening Schedule
8 December 2018
Auditorium IFI-LIP
6:30 pm
10 December 2018
Societet Militair TBY
2:30 pm
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