Love Talk

2017 — 88 min — PG


One finds love, marries and then expects happiness.

Once in marriage, love alone ceases to be the only thing that bonds the two together; things of more complexity are added to the play. Love may derive from each other’s touch, company or, it might come from a true, authentic conversation between the two.

A conversation, an exchange, is the only possible means of dissolving the boundary between two individuals. The journey that turns “You and Me” into “Us” is not an easy road. It is fragile. Every step taken is like treading on thin ice. What’s beyond precious is that, after being on the edge of ultimate bliss and destruction for a thousand times, we still choose to stand together. Perhaps this sort of happiness lies only in the journey where seeking is the end itself. There is no final destination, and it can certainly not be captured in frame.


FFD 2019



Original TitleLove Talk
Countries of ProductionTaiwan
Spoken LanguagesChinese