Village of Swimming Cows

What happens when alternatively living Berliners meet real farmers? Is the new healthy lifestyle only a passing fashion of rich city dwellers or can it really change the world? What does it meant today to be close to nature? Ellen, Mario and Jon, 30-year-old members of a spiritual commune – the Spirit Center head east for holiday and work experience. They make longer stay in a small Polish village close to Belarusian border where they rent an old wooden cottage from the local farmer – Stanislav. They meditate, practice acro-yoga, wash naked at the well, eat vegetables found in the garbage bin of a grocery shop so there is less food waste on our planet. They also try to make contact with the locals. For local villagers they are more exotic than any other people ever seen on TV. Despite communication barriers, culture gap and different life philosophies – is there friendship and communication possible between the neo-hippies and the farmers?

A new vision of ecological future versus old Polish rural traditions and beliefs with everyday human joys and dramas in the background.

Katarzyna Trzaska
78 min.
Production Year


FFD 2019



Screening Schedule

  • 7 December 2019
  • Societet Militair TBY
  • 2:35 pm



  • Societet Militair TBY

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