Alkisah Timur

Indonesia Feature-Length Competition
2022 — 69 min — PG


Pralaya is the inevitability of an active Javanese land, tarnishing the sanctity of the glorious Hindu-Buddhist capital in the Central part of Java. Meru’s search continued to the East. Where the evolution that mixes bodies of old civilization with Eastern locality takes place. New cosmopolitanism started with the bromocorah’s (free agent) dynasty. Through Palah (Panataran), we see the legitimacy of his great-grandsons appropriating the power of the Central Javanese dynasty, perpetuating the throne and cultural hegemony through the story of the man in the tkes hat, Panji.


FFD 2022

1st Screening

Auditorium IFI-LIP
16 November 2022, 15:00 GMT+7

2nd Screening

Bioskop Sonobudoyo
17 November 2022, 19:00 GMT+7



Countries of ProductionIndonesia
Spoken LanguagesIndonesian
SubtitleBahasa Indonesia