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The Feelings of Reality

The walls limiting the mobility of the disabled community is getting thicker and stiffer. Unequal accessibility, lack of infrastructure, on top of the ableist ideology, emphasize that there is a clear difference between the able and the disabled. With the support from Voice Global, FFD holds “The Feelings of Reality” to expand the influence of films voicing disability issues by means of VR-based documentary. VR is chosen as a medium because its specialty to invite audience into experience reality within an immersive environment.

The program begins with a launching session and a discussion session in order to build dialogues with the audience, to explore the theme, as well as to give way for advocacy for disabled community. We also collaborate with our fellows from Braille’iant to hold Whisper Theater. Through Whisper Theater at FFD 2018, we hope to encourage a more inclusive and emancipative cinematic environment.


VR Documentary



By inviting our fellows from disabled and filmmaking community, we wish to be able to brainstorm and collect ideas as well as to identify urgent issues about disability to be presented through medium of film, especially VR documentary ones. Facilitators of the discussion are Rival Ahmad and Ardi Yunanto from Besiberani, a film-centered social interference initiative. They utilize a method often used in Alteraksi, i.e. an audience interactive screening program that is meant to give space for pollination of ideas and emotions through a combination of film appreciation, ideas and intuition distillation, as well as perspective exchange and collective reflection.

Tanggal Pukul Lokasi
Sunday, December 9th, 2018 12.00 am - 02.50 pm Societet Militair, TBY


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