Daily Guidelines – December 4th. 2019


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Happy Wednesday! Hope it won’t be as gray. To prevent any unpleasantness, FFD 2019 invites you to spend the day exploring documentary films. We will guide your way on today’s screening with our meticulously arranged schedule.

Do give your utmost attention at the FFD 2019 schedule on Wednesday, December 4th, 2019 specified below and explore other perspectives through documentaries with us!


10.00 AM

Start your Wednesday morning by attending Thomas Barker’s lecture on the Public Lecture Panel with the topic of Indonesian Cinema after the New Order: Going Mainstream which will be held at Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Gadjah Mada. Through Barker’s book, Indonesian Cinema after the New Order: Going Mainstream, you are invited to see a systematic and comprehensive history of Indonesian contemporary cinema for the first time ever. For approximately two hours, Barker will present his research in general as well as contextualize it with his latest findings.


1.00 PM

After the lecture with Thomas Barker, let’s treat yourself to a movie. In the afternoon, two films will be screened at different locations: The Iron Ministry (2014) and My Lone Father (2018). Thus, you are required to choose which film you’re going to enjoy.

The Iron Ministry (2014) is part of the program Sensory Ethnography: Eye Witness. You will be brought to witness the journey of Chinese migrants on the same train, moving from place to place. The fast pace of the train seems to illustrate the speed of development. This film will be screened at Societet Militair, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta.

On the other hand, My Lone Father (2018) is the work of one of FFD 2019 Documentary Competition’s finalist in the Feature-Length International Documentary category. This film delivers the story of a 51-year-old father who left his family to live as a carpenter. From the perspective of his child, the idealistic father changed his mind and let everything go in order to live his dream of traveling. You could enjoy this film at Auditorium IFI-LIP Yogyakarta.

This afternoon, you won’t only be presented with the choice to enjoy film but also the option to attend discussion. You could join the Doctalk: Film & Democracy panel session entitled “Short Films and Longed Democracy” at Kedai Kebun Forum. This discussion will answer questions on how short documentary records and become and embodies today’s democracy. This discussion will present Fransiska Prihadi (programmer of Miniko Film Week), Jesse Cumming (associate programmer of Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Canada), and Aryo Danusiri (filmmaker & peneliti) as speaker, also moderated by Ayu Dyah Cempaka.

In addition, you could also visit exhibition of the program Sensory Ethnography: Eye Witness at Kedai Kebun Forum as well as two other exhibitions: from the program The Feelings of Reality and documentaries by high school students from the program SchoolDoc. Both could be visited at the Lobby of Societet Militair, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta. Worry not, since these three exhibitions will be open until 9 p.m.


14.50 WIB

FFD 2019 - Distancing

In the late afternoon, you could enjoy many more films. Presented under the program Docs Docs: Shorts! there are Distancing (2019), On Thai Women : they are weak. that’s why they dream of weak women (2017), (***) Fish (2019), The Missing Scene from Mysterious Shootings – draft #4 (2019), as well as Introduction to Immamura Shohei (2019). These films could be enjoyed at Auditorium IFI-LIP.

Distancing (2019) tells the story of the filmmaker’s personal realization. It was his desire to leave and become foreign with the country where the filmmaker was raised.

On Thai Women : they are weak. that’s why they dream of weak women (2017) will bring you uneasiness. It delivers the story of the stereotypes of obedient and affectionate Thai woman, an original identity that is faced with different experiences as she grew up in Germany.

(***) Fish (2019) is a short film about realization.

The Missing Scene from Mysterious Shootings – draft #4 (2019) will show you the process of making plan, to be exact the plan for the Lapangan Banteng incident provoked by Fajar Menyingsing group. Fajar Menyingsing was the victim of Petrus killing (mysterious shooting) in Semarang in the year 1983.

Introduction to Immamura Shohei (2019) is a film in which you will led to interpret “home” in a different light in the world of Ozu Yasujiro.


15.00 WIB

FFD 2019 - International Feature-length Competition - Taking Place

Spend your evening by watching Taking Place (2019), a work by one of FFD 2019 Documentary Competition finalist in the category International Feature-Length Documentary. This film presents a suburban area with slum issues. Soon, news of eviction spread in the area which made establish close bonds between residents. In this film, you could see the spirit of solidarity in rejecting the eviction process. Taking Place (2019) will be screened at Societet Militair, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta.


15.30 WIB

Another discussion is specially prepared for you, under the program Doctalk, Sensory Ethnography: Eye Witness. This discussion is an effort to begin ethnographic approach that is rarely used in documentary production practices in Indonesia. Aryo Danusiri (video artist, anthropologist) and Muhammad Zamzam Fauzanafi (anthropologist) will be present as speakers, as well as Fiky Daulay (member of Kunci Study Forum and Collective) as moderator.


15.55 WIB

FFD 2019 - Einst

FFD 2019 will treat you to other documentaries. Some documentaries from the program Focus on Canada will be screened at Auditorium IFI-LIP. Films listed below:

Opening Day (2016) takes you to a tense moment where a Super 8 film roll captures the countdown seconds, the start and finish line.

Television Spots (1991) consists of 12 short 15-30-second-long tape which are arranged to be broadcasted midnight between television commercials.

T.W.U. Tel (1981) invites you to see the main telephone centers in a province currently occupied by the Telecommunications Workers Union of British Columbia for five days.

Einst (2016) was taken by Jessica Johnson (director) in a single-shot style. It presents a young woman on her journey to a remote area of Seymour, north of Vancouver.

Seeing in the Rain (1981) brings you to see the footage of a trip aboard the Vancouver bus during rainy weather. The footages have been sorted and rearranged with the windshield wipers moving back and forth as if they illustrate a metronome of space and time.

Eclipse (1979) takes you to see a contrasting view of a hotel room on the streets of downtown Portland, Oregon, with total solar eclipse as the background accompanied by live television news broadcasts.

In Canadian Pacific II (1975), David Rimmer (director) merges railroad tracks, mountains, and passing ships at the port of Vancouver for three months (December 1974-February 1975) into a nine-minute film.


18.30 WIB

FFD 2019 - International Feature-length Competition - Lemebel

The sun may have sets, but FFD 2019 will still accompany you on your journey. We invite you to watch the work of an FFD 2019 Documentary Competition finalist in the category Feature-Length International Documentary, titled Lemebel (2019). Lemebel (2019) will be screened at Societet Militair, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta.

It delivers the story of Pedro Lemebel, a writer, artist, and pioneer of queer movement in Latin America, specifically in Chile. During the nine-year production process, Lemebel worked on the character of body, blood, and fire. Although in the end, he could not see the result.


19.00 WIB

To end your journey today, FFD 2019 served three films for you to enjoy. The three films: Optigraph (2017), Felvidek. Caught in Between (2014), and Le Grand Bal (2018) will be screened at different venues which required you to choose which film to enjoy between the three.

Optigraph (2017) is part of the program Focus on South Korea held at the Amphitheatre of Taman Budaya Yogyakarta. This film tells the story of Lee Wonwoo (filmmaker) who was asked to write a biography of his grandfather. Two years later the grandfather passed away, which made the request to be a duty for Lee.

Felvidek. Caught in Between (2014) shows wounds yet to be healed and questions yet to be answered after World War II. Thousands of civilians were forced to leave their homes during the Slovak-Hungarian resettlement period between 1946 and 1948. This film from the program Spektrum will be screened at Auditorium IFI-LIP.

Le Grand Bal (2018) invites you to see human’s effort to transform spaces for social interaction into forums for cultural exchange through dance festivals. Le Grand Bal is part of Le Mois du Documentaire and will be screened at Padepokan Seni Bagong Kussudiardja. The screening of this film is the result of FFD’s partnership with Gambar Bergerak, an alternative rotating space that is open, comfortable, and fluid. Gambar Bergerak is also a space where films meet wider community.