Daily Guideline: Sunday – December 9th, 2018


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12.00 p.m.

FFD2018 | Film | SOIna


As one of two non-VR documentaries in Feelings of Reality, SOIna, or Special Olympics Indonesia is an organization to hold an Olympic event for mentally disabled athletes. This documentary filmed one of the competition held in November 2008, focusing on the story of a staff member and two athletes from East Java. The screening will be followed by a discussion session facilitated by Rival Ahmad and Ardi Yunanto from Besiberani, a social interference initiative through film as a medium.


2.00 p.m.

FFD 2018 | Film | Three Conversation on Life


This slot will be filled with screenings of three films; Father and Son (2013), Three Conversations of Life (2018), and Close Ties (2016) as a series of Polish Docs. These films are here to further explore the possibility of discussing family in relation to a larger social context.


3.30 p.m.



Ieva Ozolina will bring the audience to a creative and destructive love story in a mother-child relationship. This film is one of the FFD finalists in the feature-length competition category.



4.00 p.m.

FFD2018 | Film | Tarian Kehidupan


This more than 60 minutes slot is going to be filled by films from five FFD finalist in student documentary category. Aku Bukan Toraja (2018), which records how one important ritual in one society, is now nothing more than mere entertainment. Sum (2018) was taken from the name of the main character in the film, a former activist from Barisan Tani Indonesia who has been imprisoned for 13 years and now lives alone, waiting for something to change. Mudik (2018) which records how a family performs a ritual to go back to their hometown using a truck. The story of Mbah Romo, an elderly person who lives alone, and his only child who is still alive with his efforts to demand fulfillment of the state’s obligations on social security for Mbah Romo in Rantai Emas (2018). Up to Tarian Kehidupan (2018) which presents the story of a junior high school student, who must makes the living of his family by learning traditional dances.


7.00 p.m.

FFD2018 | Film | DeathCrow48


This slot will be filled with films from five finalists in short competition category. Deathcrow48 (2018), the story of Eric Crow, fan of JKT48 idol group, 36 years old and still persevering in JKT48’s activities and life as a fan. The Nameless Boy (2017) who brought viewers to the frenzy of protest demonstrations against the former Governor of DKI Jakarta, through the eyes of a small child who experienced firsthand how hate was never more real. The story of Kasi Astuti, a grandmother who engages in karawitan art and the conflicts that occur in her family due to her love of art in Swara Kalbu (2018). Niqab We Are Not Different (2018) which records the experiences of minority groups of niqab (face veil) users, the discriminatory treatment they get, personal stories about reasons, to the problems they face on a daily basis. Also Lahir di Darat, Besar di Laut (2018), the story of Raiman, captain of the ship Sami Asih, in the midst of increasingly uncertain circumstances, and his difficulty finding jobs on land. Leaving the sea as his final gamble


FFD2018 | Film | Absent Without Leave


Story of a search for the history of a nation that is concealed/covered/camouflaged up even in the living room. Through the relationship of grandchildren­­­-grandfather, history buried with stigma, lies, fear, is trying to be dug back. This film is one of the films in Human, Frame by Frame.


21.00 WIB

FFD2018 | Film | Still Life


One of three films in Harun Farocki’s Retrospective program. Here, for 56 minutes Farocki explores the idea of ​​how he thinks photographers who are currently working in advertising field, more or less continue the tradition of Flemish painters in the XVII Century who paint everyday objects, aka immovable objects. He then illustrates his hypothesis with three sequential documentaries that show how photographers work to create a contemporary still life: a piece of cheese, a beer glass, and also a luxurious watch.

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