Spektrum: Spaces and Places


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Documentary has always been dynamically evolving. New styles and approaches are constantly surfacing, while the boundaries between fiction and documentary increasingly blurring.  Documentary is no longer viewed as merely journalistic reportage. Various innovations undoubtedly present by combining various elements and experimentation. “Spektrum” on FFD 2018 is a response to various developments that are present in the field of documentary, as a result of exploration over world documentaries. Avoiding having too much fun with own thoughts and in result shutting the world out, FFD looks at a number of selected titles we brought from other festivals in the world, such as Cannes, CPH: DOX, to Cinema du Reel.

“Spektrum” will feature six films; Braguino, L’Opera, Les Indes Galantes, Makala, Etage 39, and Hillbrow.

Braguino (2017) tells the story of two families –Braguines and Kilines– who live by the rules and principles they make. They refuse to talk and distance themselves from the outside world.

Highlighting the behind-the-scenes story in the opera scene in Paris, L’Opéra (2017) reveals life stories in one of the most prestigious arts institutions centers in the world.

In Les Indes Galantes (2017), we will look at the way Cément Cogitore –as a director– creates a battle between urban culture and music from Jean-Philippe Rameu, one of the great French composers, on the Opera Bastille stage.

In Makala (2017), we will see an attempt to reach dreams and happiness from the perspective of a young farmer in Congo who make and sell charcoal daily to survive.

This time, “Spektrum” also presents one of the French artists, Nicolas Boone, who uses film as a space experimentation. In Etage 39 (2017), Boone uses landscapes that are untouched by human traces as background in the non-script experiment. This project intentionally blurs temporal and geographical landmarks in humans recorded through planned shots behind the green screen filled with scene footages. They seem to be wandering, but not going anywhere.

Space experiments were not only done by Boone in filmmaking, but also in the exhibition of his work. Through Hillbrow (2014) which was recorded with long take technique, space becomes boundless. The extension of the showroom from the dark cinema to the exhibition hall in this work offers a new transformation in cinema. Space as an idea and place as the track will be explored through a variety of film choices in “Spektrum”.

“Spektrum” screening will be held on December 5-11 2018 at IFI-LIP Yogyakarta. The full agenda can be seen on the schedule. The program will be followed by a discussion session with Nicolas Boone on December 6th, 2018 at 3.00 p.m. in IFI-LIP Yogyakarta, and held by the support of the Institute of Francais d’Indonesie and the Indonesian French Institute of Yogyakarta.