The Curatorial Tour of Sensory Ethnography Exhibition with Fiky Daulay


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On December 5th 2019, the curator and programmer of the exhibition program of Festival Film Dokumenter (FFD) 2019, Fiky Daulay guided the curatorial tour of Sensory Ethnography exhibition at Kedai Kebun Forum. Four artworks by four filmmakers from SEL (Sensory Ethnography Lab) were displayed in the exhibition room. SEL itself is a group of anthropologists from Harvard University, USA.

Fiky began the tour by introducing the audience to J.P Sniadecki’s The Yellow Bank (2019). The work showed the portrait of Shanghai during the rapidly-changing weather and a total solar eclipse. It let the audiences experience the cold of the raindrops as if it literally poured off their faces or other parts of their body. Fiky continued to the second displayed artwork called An Aviation Field (Joana Pimenta, 2016), a small staircase was intentionally placed in front of the artwork for the audiences to use as a chair.

The third installation, Notes from the Fringe (2019, Aryo Danusiri) allowed audiences to understand the filmmaker’s perspective about two phenomena of living in Jakarta. Lastly, Terrace of the Sea (Diana Keown Allan, 2009) was presented as a viewing room installation with a 21 inches television on a table coupled with a big bean bag. Such installation was intended to create the atmosphere of “Temporary house” of the Palestinian refugees. 

Fiky explained that the plot of the tour was arranged by the most distant to the most intimate problem of human life; from the nature life to the sight of a family from a 21-inch TV.

Written by Nisa Rachmatika

Translated by Fidel Demara