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Little Fragment of Asia

What is it that enables us to capture various perspectives in thousands of incidents in Asia, presenting various journeys as a fragment of reality? There are many Asian films that have unique perspectives in depicting the society closely, through the dynamic of Asia and Japan, for example, with their strong narratives and captivating characters. Two short films in this program are little fragments of many choices to see Asia through their phenomena in the society.

Through the film of Danchi Woman, that intimately captures the sense of humor of Shizu, a 85-year-old woman, who sorts out her relics, which one she will keep and which one she will let go. Meanwhile, in the alleyways of Dafen, with population of 10.000 souls, hundreds of peasants become oil painters,  producing thousands of replicas of Western paintings in Dreaming of Van Gogh. They manage to produce some outstanding works.

Danchi Woman and Dreaming of Van Gogh are parts of the Inside Lens Documentary series by NHK WORLD-JAPAN TV.


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