Documentary films that capture the current discourses and issues, in the attempt to bring a certain perspective that corresponds to the dialogues.

2018 —
 80 min —
 80 min
 Stella van Voorst van Beest
Loneliness hides behind closed doors and around every corner. But can you fight it without facing your own fear of death? When Rotterdam citizen Bep de Bruin is found dead…
2017 —
 88 min —
 88 min
 Shen Ko-shang
One finds love, marries and then expects happiness. Once in marriage, love alone ceases to be the only thing that bonds the two together; things of more complexity are added…
2018 —
 87 min —
 87 min
 Ho Chao-ti
Two girls in the bloom of youth meet at a vocational training program. Afterwards, their lives move on to completely different directions. They are both growing up in broken homes.…
2018 —
 78 min —
 78 min
 Katarzyna Trzaska
A documentary comedy on an unusual meeting of three neo-hippies from Berlin with Polish farmers from the Eastern Poland. What happens when alternatively living Berliners meet real farmers? Is the…
2020 —
 35 min —
 35 min
 Yunmi Jang
Sky apts. which was constructed in 1969, had long been designated as Disaster Dangerous Facilities. Looking up the concrete building that may collapse soon, suddenly I felt the sensation of…
2019 —
 24 min —
 24 min
 Jerrel Chow
At the age of five, Ek Kiat left his family and village in China to be adopted by new parents in Singapore. This drastic transition led to a troubled childhood,…
2018 —
 76 min —
 76 min
 Sunairi Hiroshi
Iwao Hakamada, a former professional boxer, was sentenced to death in 1968 for mass murder and held on death row for 48 years, the longest stint in history. In interviewing…
2019 —
 126 min —
 126 min
 Minwook Oh
Last night, an earthquake occurred in Hualien. Lots of tourists from China have been buried. Today is the day when the earthquake hit the Tainan two years ago. The night…
2019 —
 90 min —
 90 min
 Lorenzo Melegari
The story is about Art Lab, a social centre in Parma. A group of students occupy a building belonging to the University and abandoned for 20 years. Protected by those…
2019 —
 71 min —
 71 min
 Boris Svartzman
In 2008, local authorities evict 2,000 villagers from Guangzhou, a river island in Southern China to build a presumed Ecological Parc. In spite of the demolition of their houses and…