Kompetisi Panjang

2017 —
 83 min —
 83 min
 Tommaso Cotronei
Lucas Vernier, the filmmaker, failed to attend an invitation sent by a fellow named Monsieur Dille. The invitation, written in a back of a photo, mentioned that he should visit…
2017 —
 69 min —
 69 min
 I Am Hercules
Băile Herculane, named after the famous demigod, is believed to be a resting place of Hercules when he takes a break in between his quests. This place believed to have…
2017 —
 48 min —
 48 min
 Abdennur Prado
The documentary explores the human and intellectual imprint left by the French philosopher and activist Roger Garaudy (1913-2012) in Cordoba, including the creation of the Living Museum of Al-Andalus. For…
2017 —
 90 min —
 90 min
 Angie Chen
Director Angie Chen offers a lively documentary about the artist Yank Wong, a complex man who resists definition. Wong is painter, art director, set designer, writer, musician, and photographer. He…
2017 —
 71 min —
 71 min
 Laurent Aït Benalla
In a small commercial harbour in the south of France, two Moroccan sailors are watching over ferries that were abandoned by ship-owners. Young Syrians make a stopover to load their…
2018 —
 71 min —
 71 min
 Phuong Thao Tran, Swann DUBUS
Pomelo people live in the heart of the growing city of Hanoi, Vietnam. It is a neighborhood where people from different rural provinces come and work. Living in the grounds…