Human; Frame by Frame

Good and evil are two concepts humans probably will never stop talking about until the moment of their extinction. Just like the subjects talked about in this collection of documentary films, and the subtext of the two plays sacredly like a hymn. Three sessions of this series capture human, frame by frame, in their multifaceted dimension.

In this first picture, human and their longing for home, a place they can call their own, where they belong, are riddled with unanswered question of why they are denied of it. In this second picture, human emerges victorious in their story of redemption, overcoming troubled past with strength that shines through kindness. In this third picture, home and blackened history come hand in hand with a sense of nostalgia. Each film brings with it the tale of humans and the land where they were born, and its unkind, intermingled past.

2018 —
 107 min —
 107 min
 Yuda Kurniawan
Fajar Merah (21 years old), son of Wiji Thukul, together with his band Merah Bercerita gathered in 2010 and the support of his family, try to bring back his father’s…