Feature-Length International Documentary Competition

2021 —
 224 min —
 224 min
 Shuhei Hatano
Ten people face the camera and talk about “remembering”. This film is made up of their individual fragments of memories from lives spanning the prewar years to the present, from…
2021 —
 66 min —
 66 min
 Eduardo Crespo
More than 120 kids live together in Las Delicias agrotechnical boarding school in the Argentine countryside. Throughout the year, in addition to the compulsory subjects, they learn activities related to…
2021 —
 70 min —
 70 min
 Tomasz Wolski
When protests broke out in Communist Poland in late 1970, a crisis team gathered in Warsaw. Soon after the militia made use of their batons. Shots were fired. Through archival…
2021 —
 56 min —
 56 min
 Jürgen Ellinghaus
Every year the War Cemetery Memorial of Wahala in the former German colony of Togo (West Africa) hosts the 11th November Remembrance Day Ceremony in memory of the African colonial…
2022 —
 42 min —
 42 min
 Raul Domingues
It is told that in the past, two wrongdoers came to serve their sentence of taking care of an uninhabited and fallow land. Their sentence was passed from generation to…
2021 —
 97 min —
 97 min
 Payal Kapadia
L, a university student in India, writes letters to her estranged lover, while he is away. Through these letters, we get a glimpse into the drastic changes taking place around…
2022 —
 83 min —
 83 min
 Leandro Listorti
As an excursion to the work of botanical and film preservation, Herbaria explores in its invisible processes the artistic and political derivations that connect them. Sustained in a narration where…
2020 —
 67 min —
 67 min
 Michal Edelman
For six months Michał Edelman has documented the activity of the National-Radical Camp brigade from Łódź ranging from propaganda events including an obligatory barbecue through attempts to disrupt the Gay…
2019 —
 61 min —
 61 min
 Alexis Delgado Búrdalo
Renata and Alexis are making a film together. She is a mesmerizing and charismatic contributor, and happy to perform whenever Alexis comes to visit her, in the penitentiary she calls…
2020 —
 79 min —
 79 min
 Daniel Kötter
The film Rift Finfinnee takes the viewer on a journey through the periphery of Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. The film takes the concrete geography, architecture and the every day life…