Feature-length Indonesia Documentary Competition

2022 —
 64 min —
 64 min
 Moses Parlindungan
Ompung Putra Boru, a sixties indigenous Batak woman from Humbang Hasundutan, North Sumatra, retraces her life stories through photographs that interweave her past and present as a wife, mother, healer…
2022 —
 69 min —
 69 min
 Otty Widasari
Pralaya is the inevitability of an active Javanese land, tarnishing the sanctity of the glorious Hindu-Buddhist capital in the Central part of Java. Meru’s search continued to the East. Where…
2020 —
 118 min —
 118 min
 Yogi Sumule
In 1860, Max Havelaar was written by the famous Dutch writer. Multatuli was first published “The book that killed colonialism”. In one and a half century after it was written,…
2020 —
 45 min —
 45 min
 Wimo Bayang
The Enigma of Hedonism is a documentary-film profile that tells the life of Heri Dono. His attitude and view as an artist that transcends canvas and time have had an…
2021 —
 105 min —
 105 min
 Lamtiar Simorangkir
At Pondok Bambu Jakarta Detention Center, three newborn babies live with their mothers and twelve other pregnant inmates jostled in a small cell room. There is no special treatment nor…
2020 —
 150 min —
 150 min
 Hafiz Rancajale
The documentary film DOLO has been our long-term plan as part of our project to document our senior artists in the form of documentary film. Dolorosa Sinaga is one of…
2021 —
 67 min —
 67 min
 Agni Tirta
Fajar Suharno was a theater maestro from the 80’s to the 90’s. He was imprisoned because his theater activities were considered against the New Order government. At its peak, he…
2019 —
 92 min —
 92 min
 Yulika Anastasia Indrawati
Tells a story about Enggros women who preserve their tradition to make a living depending on natural resources from Perempuan Forest. In the midst of modernization, they try to maintain…
2019 —
 51 min —
 51 min
 Bagas Oktariyan Ananta
The movie narrates the story of an organ ranger in Tulang Bawang, Lampung named Mirwan. From Mirwan’s daily activities, we can see how the music dynamic and organ group life…
2019 —
 81 min —
 81 min
 Yuki Aditya, Mahardika Yudha