Docs Docs: Short!

This program focuses on the achievements acquired through the medium of short documentary films. In practice, short films are often filled with experiments, novel forms, and a variety of perspectives. The limits of medium treatment, style, and form entertained in short films are often related to the background issues, which frequently restrict particular perspectives and stereotypes. However, short films are able to cross the boundary of reality as either a form, object, or even experience. Moreover, the impression of short films become an immersive aesthetic experience through the images and sounds.

2019 —
 16 min —
 16 min
 Takayuki Yoshida
About one day in the summer at the Arte Piazza Bibai is a sculpture park in the mountains in Hokkaido, Japan. Bibai, once one of the largest coal mining cities,…
2017 —
 27 min —
 27 min
 Shuhei Hatano
A war widow’s letter to her fallen husband remained unopened and left a memorandum. The scenery of living beings weaving sound, light, and ghost shadows all over the place. A…
2015 —
 23 min —
 23 min
 Yu Nakajima
“There is no room for carelessness,” says the elderly man who, since he was 15, has dedicated his life to making an indispensable ingredient in Japanese cuisine: katsuo-bushi. The contrast…
2019 —
 9 min —
 9 min
 Byung-Ki LEE
In Imamura Shohei’s cinematic world, ‘home’ has a different meaning from Ozu Yasujiro’s. On the other hand, ‘I’, who is fond of his work, would like to make a film…
2019 —
 10 min —
 10 min
 Miko Revereza
“My ticket is one way,” the filmmaker explains this to his grandmother as she suddenly realizes he isn’t coming back. Is a film about this personal realization; to leave and…
2017 —
 2 min —
 2 min
 Rosalia Engchuan
Reclaiming our right not to be defined. Something that has been taken from me and many other women of Asian descent. The work is documenting how this feels and maps…
2019 —
 5 min —
 5 min
 Arief Budiman
The missing scene from the Lapangan Banteng incident provoked by Fajar Menyingsing, a gang targeted during the Petrus killings in 1983 in Semarang. The plan was made using informations leaked…
2019 —
 2 min —
 2 min
 Filip Bojarski
A short film about consciousness.