List of FFD 2021 Competition Program’s Winner


For the 20th time, FFD was successfully held and at the same time announced the award winners for the competition program. The FFD 2021 awarding ceremony has been held on Friday, November 26, 2021 at the Kedai Kebun Forum (and broadcast online at

The coordinator of the FFD 2021 competition program, Rugun Sirait said that as many as 157 films were included in the competition program which was opened from June-August 2021.

“Even though the number of participation is declining, the quality of the films that are submitted for us is quite impressive. A total of 11 films were selected as finalists for the International Feature-length Documentary category out of 76 films that were submitted. For the Indonesian Feature-Length Documentary category, 4 out of 10 films were selected as finalists. Then, 6 finalists for the Short Documentary out of 66 films entered and 3 films for the Student Documentary category out of 7 films that were entered,” said Rugun.

The following is the list of winners of the FFD 2021 Competition program:

1. Best Student Documentary
Pelebon Ring Pandemi (2021)
Sutradara: Ida Bagus Adi Radtya Pratiyaksa

2. Best Short Documentary
Sebuah Surat untuk Istriku (2021)
Sutradara: Muhammad Ardan Ar’razaq

3. “Special Mention” Short Documentary
Masa Mengenang (2021)
Sutradara: Sazkia Noor Anggraini

4. Best Indonesia Feature-Length Documentary
The Enigma of HeDonism (2020)
Sutradara: Wimo Ambala Bayang

5. Best International Feature-Length Documentary
A Rifle and a Bag (2020)
Sutradara: Arya Rothe, Cristina Hanes, Isabella Rinaldi

6. “Special Mention” International Feature-Length Documentary
As I Want (2021)
Sutradara: Samaher Alqadi


You can still enjoy the films that won the Competition program (and films from other FFD 2021 programs) online through the bioskop online platform. Check the details on the main page of FFD 2021.

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