International Feature-length Documentary Competition’s Jury Session


On Thursday, December 5th, 2019, the International Feature-length Documentary Competition has come to the judging phase. The eight nominees were My Lone Father (Anastasia Durand-Launay, 2018), A Donkey Called Geronimo (Bigna Tomschin 2018), Silvia (Maria Silvia Esteve, 2018), Sankara is Not Dead (Lucie Viver, 2019), Taking Place (Jérémy Gravayat, 2019), Lemebel (Joanna Reposi Garibaldi, 2019), Last Night I Saw You Smiling (Kavich Neang, 2019), and The Future Cries Beneath our Soil (Hang Pham Thu, 2018).

The three jury members involved in the decision was Thomas Barker (Associate Professor of the Universitas of Nottingham Malaysia), Karolina Lidin (Nordisk Film & TV), and Nia Dinata (Kalyana Shira Film & Foundation). They first watched the film together at Bioskop Sonobudoyo.

Afterwards, they headed to Mediterania Resto to have a discussion session in order to come to an agreement. In general, they were impressed by all the nominees.

“Personally, I am really impressed with the range of the films. Very different, not only in the subject matter, but also the different ways of using the cinematic tools, so to speak” said Karolina Lidin shortly after the jury discussion session.

International Feature-length Documentary Competition is one of the four competitions organized by this year’s Festival Film Dokumenter (FFD). The competition is dedicated to represent films that could capture and criticize the actual issues within the immediate proximity.

The winner of the International Feature-length Documentary Competition was announced on the closing night of FFD on Saturday, December 7th 2019. (kalau dipost setelah closing night).

Written by Tony Firman

Translated by M. Hafidh Al Mukmin

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