Pelebon During a Pandemic

Pelebon Ring Pandemi
Pelebon Ring Pandemi

This documentary film “mainly” tells/explains the pelebon of a pair of sulinggih in this Corona pandemic situation, the difference from pelebon/cremation as usual in Bali, with pelebon/cremation during a pandemic, especially corpses that have been exposed to covid. Then they found and used a very unique, simple method, a method that is very rarely used in Balinese society to carry out pelebon, namely using Tirta Prenawa Pengawak Solas. This film also inserts a “little” love story of a pair of flutes, until death picks them up. This couple has made a promise. That the husband will die first. However, the wife did not keep her promise and died first, the husband felt disappointed, devastated and sad because the wife did not keep her promise. Because their love is so strong that they are not separated from each other, the husband is “trusted” to “release” himself and then follows his wife.

23 November 2021, 13:00
Kedai Kebun Forum
Online Streaming
22 November - 5 Desember 2021
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