FFD 2019 - T.W.U. Tel

T.W.U Tel (1981): Workers Union that Took Over Their Own Company

Film Review

In the 1980’s, the British Columbia Telephone Company (BC Tel) office in British Columbia, Canada, got sealed up by their own employees. Posters stating “Under New Management” are put up on glass walls. Joining the BC Tel Workers Union, they refused to sign the new contract, considering it as problematic.

During the period of tense happening between the employees and the company, BC Tel kept on operating. The employees still tried to give the best service for the consumers despite being unpaid. Their decision to keep working even in such a difficult situation gained sympathy from the consumers.

In fact, when the court ordered the employees to vacate the premises, they still refused and chose to serve the public while consistently sending demands to the company. The story of BC Tel Workers Union suing their own company is recorded in a 9-minute long short movie titled T.W U. Tel (1981), which is made by Amelia Productions.

T.W.U. Tel (1981) is one of the films for the Focus on Canada program available in Festival Film Dokumenter (FFD) 2019 on Wednesday, 4 December 2019 in the IFI-LIP Auditorium, Yogyakarta. Check the festival schedule to see the full agenda of FFD 2019.

Written by Tony Firman

Translated by Windy Elprida

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