Circle FFD 2021

Film Criticism Workshop

We, together with Cinema Poetica, initiated a workshop on film criticism writing in 2017. This idea emerged as a response to the growing interest in writing film reviews in various mediums. Since then, this workshop has been held annually. It’s the fifth year that this workshop has been held as part of a series of festival programs.

The Film Criticism Workshop is designed to bring films closer as study texts that have the function to educate the audience in appreciating films and building ideas or discourses for filmmakers. Film production and distribution are two elements that can keep the cinema climate warm. However, this is not enough. We believe that the element that is increasingly needed by the cinema today is film literacy, especially in developing appreciation capacity.

This program aims to promote media literacy in the community by reading films. Not holding on to the intention to produce film critics, but inviting the participants to develop critical thinking capacity in reading films, both as a text and a product of contemporary culture.

FFD’s Film Critic Workshop was held online this year. Eight participants were selected from sundry locations. They will exchange ideas and discuss films with experienced mentors in an intensive class.

Program Coordinator: Eni Puji Utami



Adrian Jonathan Pasaribu
Adrian Jonathan Pasaribu

One of the founders of Cinema Poetica-a film researcher and appreciation enthusiast collective media-who regularly takes part in writing film critics workshops since 2013. From 2013 to 2015, he had been working for Yayasan Konfiden as an editorial member of In 2019, he, along with filmmaking enthusiasts, released Sinematik Gak Harus Toxic—a collective initiation to respond to sexual harassment cases within film communities. Currently, Adrian works as a freelance editor and writer.

Aulia Adam
Aulia Adam

A Jakarta-based journalist. He works as an Indepth-Reporting Journalist for since 2016 and one of the administrators for the Misbar rubric on Tirto. He got the Fellow of GUN 2017, Fellow of IWMF 2019, and SOPA Awards 2020 for #NamaBaikKampus.