FFD 2021


Festival Film Dokumenter (FFD) is both a gathering point as well as an annual celebration for documentary film professions and enthusiasts. Customarily held in Yogyakarta, the festival offers a wide range of experiences, alongside the thought-provoking stories from around the world.

Each year, FFD receives more than 500 films from various countries. The festival provides a place where filmmakers could gather and exchange ideas on their creative works, while also serves as a platform where they could exhibit those works.

This year, FFD tries to bring forth a cinema experience that could acts as a stimulant for the community, to be more perceptive, astute, creative, attentive to the surrounding, open to new ideas and knowledge, and tolerant toward differences. All program encourages diversity in audiences, either in background or outlooks.


Feature-Length International Competition

Newest work from filmmakers across the globe with duration above 40 minutes.


Feature-Length Indonesian Competition

Newest work from Indonesian filmmakers with duration above 40 minutes.


Short Competition

Newest work from Indonesian filmmaker with duration below 40 minutes.


Student Competition

Newest work from Indonesian students in junior and senior high school.



Documentary films that capture the current discourses and issues, in the attempt to bring a certain perspective that corresponds to the dialogues.


Documentary films that focus on a filmmaker’s works journey, and its contribution to the growth of documentary cinema.




Documentary films seen from its artistic choices, challenging filmmakers to continuously rediscover various forms of documentary film.

Focus on Tematic

Documentary films from various geographies that capture unique theme, style, and storytelling.

Interactive Documentary

Documentary films that intertwine with the current development of technology.

Film Criticism Workshop

Deadline: October 23, 2021