6 Film — 233 min.


Bert Haanstra

Curatorial Notes
This year’s Retrospective program brings the experience of watching the works made by Bert Haanstra. Haanstra is a director from the Netherlands who was born at the end of October 1916. His name is recorded in The Academy Awards at the Oscars for…

1958 —
 11 min —
 11 min
 Albert Haanstra
This short ‘free’ film, shot in the glass factories of Leerdam and Schiedam, demonstrates how glass blowers do their work. But thanks to the superbly edited ballet of working hands…
1950 —
 9 min —
 9 min
 Albert Haanstra
In an instant Bert Haanstra was internationally known. During filming he held the camera upside down and afterwards put the images ‘up right’ again in the film. By doing this,…
1957 —
 20 min —
 20 min
 Albert Haanstra
In Rembrandt, Haanstra shows that it is possible to make a fascinating film, only with images from paintings. In the most famous fragment of the film, we see through a…
1963 —
 90 min —
 90 min
 Albert Haanstra
In The Human Dutch, Bert Haanstra paints a portrait of The Netherlands and the Dutch, in his own unparalleled manner. Partly with the aid of a hidden camera he observes…
1966 —
 92 min —
 92 min
 Albert Haanstra
Water in its soothing form, as a place of work and pleasure and as a source of threat and misery. Often they are being observed in a gentle humorous way…
1962 —
 11 min —
 11 min
 Albert Haanstra
A perfect, fast and hilarious montage. Using images from Artis (Amsterdam Zoo), Bert Haanstra shows that a couple of similarities can be discovered between man and animal. Particularly the manner…