6 Film — 509 min.


Curatorial Notes
This year, Perspektif invites the audience to imagine about the future while reflecting on what we confront right now, these days. Instead of a futuristic imagination full of sophisticated technology jargons as a solution, we want to present an observation of everyday life, from the perspective…

2019 —
 71 min —
 71 min
 Boris Svartzman
In 2008, local authorities evict 2,000 villagers from Guangzhou, a river island in Southern China to build a presumed Ecological Parc. In spite of the demolition of their houses and…
2018 —
 70 min —
 70 min
 Frederik Sølberg
Doel is a ghost town in Belgium surrounded by a nuclear power plant, a gigantic container dock, and the port of Antwerp. For decades the inhabitants have been battling the…
2018 —
 61 min —
 61 min
 Paweł Ziemilski
“In Touch” is a film about communication in isolation. When a tiny Polish village is abandoned by its entire youth who relocated to Iceland, the older generation have to come…
2019 —
 90 min —
 90 min
 Lorenzo Melegari
The story is about Art Lab, a social centre in Parma. A group of students occupy a building belonging to the University and abandoned for 20 years. Protected by those…
2019 —
 126 min —
 126 min
 Minwook Oh
Last night, an earthquake occurred in Hualien. Lots of tourists from China have been buried. Today is the day when the earthquake hit the Tainan two years ago. The night…
2020 —
 91 min —
 91 min
 Martin Weber
Between 1992 and 2013, photographer Martín Weber traveled Latin America, asking people to write their dreams and hopes on a simple chalkboard. Today, he reviews those pictures and looks for…