8 Film — 279 min.


Indonesia, Three Years in Retrospect

Curatorial Notes
The end of 2020 finds Indonesia in a solemn vagary. The pandemic near the end of 2019 and its impacts on various sectors apart from healthcare, the government’s recent policies that evoke controversies, are but a fragment of predicaments that haunt us…

2020 —
 101 min —
 101 min
 Riboet Akbar, Önar Önarsson
Banyak Ayam Banyak Rejeki began as an ill-fated promotional video for Yogyakarta street food icon and polygamist Arjun. During filming, co-director Önar Önarsson, a Swedish graduate student researching local sex…
2020 —
 73 min —
 73 min
 Dwi Sujanti Nugraheni
Ona is an ambitious, cheerful 20-year-old girl from Kaledupa, Wakatobi Islands, with a dream of becoming a marine biologist. She is the first in her family to ever reach high…
2019 —
 16 min —
 16 min
 Ali Satri Efendi
A portrait of a brickmaker in two seasons. In the first season, nature gives him bounty, in the other, nature takes it back.
2019 —
 12 min —
 12 min
 Bobby Zarkasih
After Indonesia’s independence in 1945, civilian brigades purged the traces of colonialism in Indonesia. But the people of “Belanda Depok” (thought to be Netherlanders in Depok), who were one of…
2020 —
 30 min —
 30 min
 Wahyu Utami Wati
“Golek Garwo” is a matchmaking forum, held monthly vis-a-vis in Yogyakarta. Basri (62 years old), a worker who longed for love and one of hundreds of participants of the event,…
2019 —
 22 min —
 22 min
 Abdi Firdaus, Lyanta Laras Putri
The struggle of the teachers in Tabalong Regency are realistically captured in the film Paguruan 4.0. Deni Ranopatri, an elementary school teacher in SDN 1 Nawin Hilir, has always believed…
2020 —
 15 min —
 15 min
 Erick Sutanto
Shin Hua, a barbershop since 1911, used to be a well-known favorite. Among the 12 brothers, only Freddy, the fourth son, was willing to continue the family business. Year after…
2020 —
 10 min —
 10 min
 Ismail Basbeth
An eighty years old Mbah Kancil talks about her past as a dancer and comedian in the traditional group of Ludruk performers and Remong dancers when she travelled to Jakarta…