DocTalk FFD 2020, Co-producing Documentary Project

Co-producing Documentary Project

December 2nd, 2020
19.00 - 21.00 (GMT+7 Jakarta)

A documentary film production is not a simple affair. It requires a significant amount of commitment, time, and fund to create a documentary film, especially if it’s a feature-length one. Rarely do documentary filmmakers make ends meet from solely making films. Both emotional and material investment are imperative in the production of a documentary. However, the opportunity for collaboration through co-production enlivens the dynamics of a documentary production.

Co-production is a joint effort of two or more production houses resulting in film or television productions, concept development, etc. An international co-production usually involves two to three production companies of different countries collaborating. Co-production may also refer to a variety of production services in part or in its entirety. For example, one party is responsible during the production process while the other party bears the post-production cost. This co-producing collaboration presents an opportunity for filmmakers to support their production as well as a challenge to cooperate amidst the complexities of a production.

This segment of DocTalk Co-Producing Documentary Project will explore the relevant know-how, rules, and challenges and opportunities of co-producing. It will also pose questions regarding the importance, if any, of co-producing.

Armi Rae Cacanindin
Armi Rae

Armi Rae is a Filipina producer who’s received funding for her feature films from IDFA Bertha FArmund, Aide aux Cinéma du Monde, World Cinema Fund, Sundance Film Institute, Doha Film Institute. One of these is Aswang, a documentary about the drug war in the Philippines, directed by Alyx Arumpac. It recently won the International Critic’s Prize (Fipresci) at the 2019 IDFA and the White Goose Award from DMZ Docs. Aswang is a co-production between Philippines/France/Germany/Norway/Qatar.

Varadila Daood

Varadila is a Program Manager at In-Docs, an Indonesian based institution with one of its goal is to create a supportive ecosystem for Southeast Asian documentaries by initiating documentary development lab and pitching forum. Since 2014, she oversees a various program to incubate talents and documentary projects. Her passion is to connect Southeast Asian documentaries with the international industry and multi-sector stakeholders in the region and beyond. In the past, Vara has years of experience in festival programming and film festival management.

Juri Dokumenter Pendek FFD 2020, Alexander Matius
Alexander Matius

Film Programmer