Commission Artwork by Candrani Yulis

Commision Artwork

FFD invite an artist to capture festival core values which embodied in a its slogan, “Recording The Remnants, Searching for The Unseen, Finding Insight” in series of illustration which become FFD 2020 visual identity. This year, Candrani Yulis accepted our invitation.

About Illustration

I want to tell women’s role in every day life through this illustration where they often get difficulty to have the opportunity to develop their competences and carrier. Those challenges might cause by society’s perspective that lead to women’s authority imbalances.

For me, documentary film is one of the ways to see the reality that being unspoken and unseen. A footage of what is left to be seen. It reminds me of women’s empowerment that as an existing human is to have a kind of openness to the world.

Creator's Profile
Candrani Yulis, Seniman Kolaborator FFD 2020

Candrani Yulis graduated from the Visual Communication of Design – ISI Yogyakarta. Since college she has been actively participating in a number of fine art exhibitions and has become an independent graphic designer. she has worked on a number of design projects, such as collaborating with The Royal Court of Yogyakarta, The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, and the Indonesian Graphic Designer Association. In 2019, she also participated in the “Seniman Pascaterampil” residency program at the Padepokan Seni Bagong Kussudiardja . Candrani can be contacted by email here.