Virtual Reality (VR): Experiencing The Reality of Disability

Notes on Blindness: Into Darkness (Arnaud Colinart & Amaury La Burthe, 2016)

Notes on Blindness: Into Darkness (Arnaud Colinart & Amaury La Burthe, 2016)

Concern towards the others seems easier to appear when human had or is trapped on a same condition. Moreover when the condition is reffered to limitations, whether permanent or temporary limitations. The feeling of standing on the same boat is able to bring out a sense of empathy for anyone who ever felt limited. Perhaps, this is the matter that makes a concern towards a person with disability is often seen as something in passing. Their experience that couldn’t be experienced by just any people.

Capitalized by Virtual Reality (VR) technology, Festival Film Dokumenter is trying to presents alternative search about how the persons with disabilities are beyond their disabilities. Like the astral explorer, collaboration program between FFD and British Council through series of program UK | ID 2016 invites us to do displacement, getting out of our body, then perch in another body: Jane, a person with neurological disorder who is experiencing life full of surrealism, embarrassment, and affections over epilepsy that she suffered. The complexity of Jane’s illness seemed to present a ‘beast’ that makes her seem like unable to controlling her minds, words, and what she is doing recorded in In My Shoes: Dancing With Myself (Jane Gauntlett, 2015). The attempts to incarnate as Jane was presented on Exhibition, Presentation, and Interactive Performance in Melting Pot Café, Suryodiningratan on Wednesday (11/23). This program was opened for the public so then the audience could take part on discussion about advocation activities that had been done by Jane Gauntlett.

The opportunity to move into another body and experiencing how it feels to be Jane can be experienced once again on December 7-10, 2016. Still in the series of event of Festival Film Dokumenter 15 | Displacement, this Exhibition and Interactive Program will be held in KPY (Kelas Pagi Yogyakarta), Prawirodirjan. Other that creating teatherical experience that suck up our empathy in 13 minutes of In My Shoes: Dancing With Myself, we will also see the figure of John Hull, a person with disability who began collecting his diary in the form of voice recording after losing his vision in 1983. John Hull’s attempts in sharpening his other sensory were documented through a long film Notes on Blindness (James Spinney & Peter Middleton, 2016). This film was responded by Arnaud Colinart and Amaury La Burthe through Visual Reality medium of Notes on Blindness: Into Darkness. A documentation of incredible journey in the outside of our vision, and touching testimonials of his phase of loss and his rebirth.

Film In My shoes: Dancing with Myself and Notes on Blindness: Into Darkness will be summarized in a program titled Technology and Empathy. A menu on this festival is  accessible openly and interactively. [Bernadeta Diana / Ellyta Rahmayandi]

For further schedule can be accessed here

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