Spektrum | Dear Memory, Facticity: Memories Presence In Variable Forms

The Origin of Fear

Spektrum is once again brought to  you by Festival Film Dokumenter 2017 “Post-Truth”. Raising the theme of spatial memory as an effort to bring back pieces from the past. Memory is a thought  that inside is already having facticity, so the past present is also experienced spatiality. Dear Memory: Kebersituasian (Facticity) presents past memories to recalled in different spatial context.

Held in upcoming 9-12 December 2017, Dear Memory: Facticity is trying to present pas events, containing moments, trauma, act of speech, and etc. Those ‘memories’ then forming and also can be formed in emergency situation from history that was repressive towards spatial diversity on individual experiences.

Memory as something that non-representational presents on “The Original of Fear” (Bayu Prihantoro Filemon, 2016) through sound performativity that the effects could be more traumatic inside the audiences bodies. It’s beause of, maybe the sound is actually an image that didn’t need to be explained more.

“Memoria” (Kamilia Andini 2016), using memories as an image that was allowing testimonies of subaltern situation. When language or “something that had been said” might be no more adequate, thern image could be a moment of those past experience present itself.

“The Troubled Troubadour” (Forest Ian Etsler & Sébastien Simon, 2016) presenting about memories were not about past event continuation anymore, that could be controlled in objectivity. Memory is a moment of an event and personal, including spiritual moment. It couldn’t be repeated (methodology), but possible to be stimuled through sound (music).

Tought present in the form of different spatial memory in different individual is giving a chance for the audiences to make their own memory as a historical event. FFD, through Dear Memory: Facticity is trying to be an agent on how that spatial memory can be experienced by each of the audiences.

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