Spectrum: Celebrating Documentary Diversity

Foreign Parts (Véréna Paravel & J.P. Sniadecki, 2010)

Foreign Parts (Véréna Paravel & J.P. Sniadecki, 2010)

In the 15th years of implementation, FFD had been studied so many about documentary films. In its journey, FFD wants to documentating and archiving any forms of Indonesian documentary development.  The more mature the implementation of FFD, the more diverse and flourished art on the process of documentation of reality is. Spectrum Program in FFD 2016 will be a celebration on Indonesian documentary diversity since FFD implemented on 2002.

At least, Indonesian documentary diversity until this time can be classified in 3 major classification. First classifications is based on production background, the second is the forms of documentar, and third is on the richness of recorded content. This classification is not means to simplying the existing diversity. However, departing from the preliminary review about Indonesian documentary, FFD wants to deliver these films to the audience to reviewing, analyzing, and reflecting together the creative result that have been cultivated by the filmmakers and its production instruments these past 15 years.

Spectrum program will be expressing the films with experimental feel where reception on personal symbols can be self- created. The films on this program present renewal despite from film function as entertainment. Repression of symbol and the communicated symbol in the film become an expression of a personal that influenced by its subjective instinct. Sign and symbol become representative of the filmmakers in showing their subjective instincs, such as: ideas, emotions, and their inner experiences. The way of showing is could be through so many elements, such as scenes, artistic, shooting, up to voting —and without imposing on the technical.

When so many symbol are united, such as: boat, cinema, damaged ship, ghost, love, and vampire, then so be a journey of a story that the next is can be predicted and implemented personally on ‘Ghost Ship’ (Koldo Almando, 2016). Another meaningful journey also expressed by ‘Carl Paraiso’ (Pablo Narezo, 2016) through the lost object from Germany to Mexico. Memories from several generations of Mexico  that reflected their misery today. The Interpretation of each of symbols become research experience which more challenging and draining imaginations.

The richness of diversity of documentary is certainly becoming an extra of film potention and its contribution. Watching film is enabling us to do detailed imagination, exerting all efforts to find meanings, and giving shape for something not intangible in reality or in our minds. Spectrum Program in ‘Displacement’ is worth for enhancing references and to be a lighter in examining  phenomenon. [Valentina Nita / Ellyta Rahmayandi]

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