SchoolDoc: Documenter as An Alternative Education


Media becomes the 4th educational system after family, school, and community (environment). It means, media awareness and literacy are the important guidelines in this era. Media’s role is very important in giving alternative references of educational materials, and in of them is implemented on documentary film. Yet, the demand is not counterbalanced with newest educational system or mass culture that’s leading to media literacy.

This anxiety is then became the starting point to starts SchoolDoc. This program is made to developing appreciation ability which the goal is reinforcing youngsters’ role and media literate generation in facing global media aggression. Documentary film, as one of said media variety, could give references and awareness initiator for the students of the situation in their environment.

In this year, FFD is collaborating with 3 schools to organize SchoolDoc, they are SMAN 6 Yogyakarta (October 12, 2016), SMAN 1 Banguntapan (October 13, 2016), and SMAN 7 Yogyakarta (October, 14, 2016). SchoolDoc 2016 is also receiving support from ReelOzInd! Film Festival, Australia-Indonesia Centre, and IFI-LIP Yogyakarta.

Through the screened films, the students is expected to be have more perspective about discussed phenomenon. Like when seeing alay people, alay predicate becomes a marginality in today’s youngsters community, yet in fact, said case is also a maturation process and one of the steps in indentity findings like showed in Alay (Candra Aditya, 2012).

Stereotype things and norms are trying to be discussed in Mama, Anak Perempuanmu Bertato (Citra Melati, 2012). In Indonesia, Tattooed woman considered unusual, and assumpted as slut or any terms of naughty woman. In fact, not everyone is care with said stereotype. The fight between stereotype and people’s behaviour is showed in The Eagle’s Eye (Wisnu Dewa Broto, 2016) related to the presence of Eastern Indonesian ethnic. Representation of eastern people that live in Java always linked with criminality and violence, This film is inviting the audience to ponder about the labelling.

SchoolDoc is also facilitating the participants to dig deeper into the screened film by presenting the filmmaker, at once opening discussion space and appreciation for the films. Through the discussion, the participants can understand more about filmmaking process and more intrigued to make film although the still minimum resources.

Besides watching the screened films that reviewing the phenomenon that close with highschooler, SchoolDoc partipants are also introduced to the documentary film basics. The basics are about definition, scope, genre, and film appreciation. For the interested participant and wants to dig more about film’s knowledge, the experts in this program is very open to any questions about film. Hopefully, similar program can be done intensely, given the urgency on today’s media is culture forming agent, and we cannot only be an audience, but making it more useful. [Valentina Nita / Ellyta Rahmayandi]

For the further information about this program, you can access it here

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