Post-Truth: Re-Interpreting Truth

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More than half a century ago, Thomas Kuhn killed positivitic logic in his book “The Structure of Scientific Revolution” (1962), question about ehat is truth seems like raising more question than the definitive answer. Through his book, Kuhn deconstructing the meaning of truth by seeing it as a discontinuity. It is because truth born from knowledge, and the knowledge will always move. The knowledge dynamic then bring up what Kuhn call as “normal science,” it is when a knowledge that has been passed throughout series of falsification mechanism until it agreed upon and truth. And when it move up to the point where the truth is no more relevant, it will be replaced by revolutinaire science. Up to the new truth become normal science and there will be similar, never ending loop cycle. This idea make truth according to Kuhn is something that is not final. Truth is not an end, so it should be questioned again and again.

Foucault then continuing Kuhn’s ideas in his book “The Order of Things” (1966). He also agreed on Kuhn’s ideas about how truth formed by knowledge. This knowledge then giving big power to one party more than another, and someday will become determinant of the civilization’s face, so that it right to play the narration of truth. it makes every civilization in Foucault’s eyes has its own uniqueness because of the power that become the determinant of how civilization should be drived by the knowledge behind it. The knowledge movement is also make Foucalt agreed on Kuhn’s ideas about discontinuity. He stated that there should be discontinuity that triggered by alternative discourses. The new discourses that is standing on the top of knowledge that is different with the dominant discourse. Without the discontinuity, a civilization will be trapped in one truth regime.

By carrying “Post-Trut” as the main theme in Perspective program (Program Perspektif), this is the discourse that FFD is trying to offer. Through ten (10) films cross-country that will be screened on 9-December 2017 tomorrow, the audiences will be served several alternative narration towards texts which has been read in black and white perspective in the hands of authority. The narration that is refusing to be trapped inside positivistic logic by seeing how complex the truth context is. The narration that do not want to reduce the civilization and its dynamics becoming one version of final truth.

Series of phenomenon that had been happened from identity politics up to right-wing populism, from Trump up to DKI Jakarta’s Governor Mass Selection seems like more that enough to give big picture about what kind of civilization we live inside. And what kind of knowledge behind the authority so that they give us truth that is only play a role as instrument to run their power. It is of course not an easy case to present alternative narration, said Foucault. As a determinant of civilization, the dominant discourse will use every elements of its power to resist. But, this is that done by “Watching The Detective” (Chris Kennedy, 2017). In the frame of finding the suspect of  Boston Marathon bombing  tragedy in an online discussion forum, it is trying to catch on how the phenomenon could be a depection of how complex is social-politics and racist sentiment context that is segregating American people. How is the impact of the truth standing above imaginary fear.

Or how is depression over every form of authority after Fukushima nuclear disaster brought a group of individual move to fight the collective fear and sounding the truth that they believe in “Tell the Prime Minister” (Eiji Oguma, 2015).

Dark story about them who understand more about the meaning of clandestine. An effort to give them the voice because they had never been heard before in “Landscape for a Person” (Florencia Levy, 2016). Arranged by materials obtained from Google Street View and added audio of interviews of individual who trapped in the conflict, tramsit, and deportation, makes ‘the clandestine’ becoming the rightest word to sum up the film.

“Pantja Sila: Dream and Reality” (Tino Saroengallo & Tyo Pakusadewo, 2017) who recorded how a text, even without reading will be forever a text. Then who have the power to do the reading? Of course every single person do. But, which version of reading that in the end will be the dominant discourse that will create new reality that is based on the reading of the text?

Or a story about fetish militarism that hit Indonesia after 65s in “The Red Barred” (Agus Darmawan & Sakti Parantean, 2017). By following the character of Sirwan and his work on Pemuda Pancasila, a paramilitary  mass organization. He recorded Indonesia as a civilization that is not done yet with positivistic logic.

Aligned with Foucalt’s perspective, FFD in its 16th year seeing the films as a medium for truth combat. It presents to offering alternative narration. The narration that is giving partiality on the parties that voices being silenced all this time by the majority tyranny. Through the reality that is being built in each films in this program, it will raised new discourses that opened to be questioned. So that truth is not becoming a monopoly of certain party anymore, and bringing the civilization becomes like Oceania in the novel of George Orwell, 1984.

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