Mark Rappaport’s Retrospective: Exploring The Stitches

Mark Rappaport

Festival Film Dokumenter once again will be holding Spektrum Program as one of its Festival Program in 2017. This program is a form of consistency in an effort to analyze variety of documentary. Various result of analysis and categorization of documentary had been showed by FFD since the beginning of the Festival in 2002. In its 16th celebration, FFD once again presented the finding in variety of documenter through film category that contained personal perspektif of its filmmaker in seeing something. This time, Mark Rappaports films are becoming what FFD highlighted in Spektrup Program titled Mark Rappaport’s Retrospective. Through this progam, FFD is trying to build audience involvement in analysing process, and contemplate in the aspect of discourse, awareness of receiving impression, or narration ftom Rappaport’s film which contains  popular movie pieces.

This kind of films, titled by The American director as Video Essay. Video Essay is a kind of film which  put variety of clips to build a narration in the form of his personal opinion on some events. Technically. Video Essay attached with film about music documentation that showed fanfare, the musician’s journey towards concert hall and etc. Eventhough it is having technical trends tendency with video essays in general, Mark Rappaport’s films offering  discourse which arouse the audiences’ critical attitude on an event.

Mark Rappaport’s films contain his opinion on several things. Like his commentary of woman’s vanity table that is showed through “The Vanit Tables of Douglas Kirk” (Mark Rappaport, 2014), or his exploration on diversity of filmic construction, either Hollywood or Europe that is building Anita Ekberg’s image as world-sex symbol on “Becoming Anita Ekberg” (Mark Rappaport, 2014), or another two films by Mark Rappaport titled “Sergei/Sir Gay (2016) and “The Circle Closes” (2015. Those four films will be screened on 14 December 2017 at IFI-LIP Yogyakarta Auditorium on 13.00.

Four films by Mark Rappaport showed his foresight in finding the depth of filmic element (image, sound, and music) as tolls that is giving us discourse about something. This is then clarified through voice over that built film narrative structure, also limiting audiences’ interpretation. Personal story in diverse persone then waking up basic question  about documentary value. Where is documentary value, if Mark Rappaport’s films are the presented narration in the form of personification?

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