Focus on Japan: Questioning Existence and Relation between Self, Space, and Object

A Woman of The Butcher Shop

Collaboration program with The Japan Foundation Asia Center titled Focus on Japan once comes again this year after last year raised “Japan in Narration” as the main theme that invited the audience to know japan closer from different perspective. This time, through the tittle “Focus on Japan: Outside Self, Inside Space, the audience will be served with questions around identity when anxiety over self existence appear when human is on the long journey in finding self identity. Up to the offering of nonmaterial things like relation and emotion in the form of hybrid documentary with the talks about recording of a space and its relation with the object inside and around it.

Allocated into 2 parts, Fous on Japan: Outside Self, Inside Space (I)  emphasizing on the presence of people who was in the middle of resting time, going away from their daily activity, took sometime to think about their existence today up to how those things around them; imagination, alienated feeling, social construction, up to family presence helped shape him today. “The Lost Dream of Naoki Hayakawa (Ane Hjort Guttu & Daisuke Kosugi, 2016) presented an agency worker who always trapped in his anxiety and peculiar imagination through the background of Japanese urban life. “Forestry” (Tetsuichiro Tsuta, 2017), through the character of women worker of wood industry, showed us about the collapse of gender construction not necessarily eliminate alienation feelings that alrealy growing inside someone. And “Sukiyaki – A Conversation Piece” (Mayumi, Nakazaki, 2015), which showe us the most honest family relation.

Focus on Japan: Outside Self, Inside Space (ii) focused in exploration of documentary that is starting to stop to see human as the center and  story driver. They are not anymore. The program will presents objects inside the narration as the subject of the documentary itself. “Dream Box” (Jeroen Van der Stock, 2017) escort us to a room with anxious puppies, ready to put into the dream box. “Touch Stone” (Takayuki Yoshida, 2017) who simply showed how children and adult responding an abstract sculpture in public space. And another 2 creations from Yamashiro Shikako: “A Woman of The Butcher Shop (2016) that is trying to translate her home town, Okinawa through a butcher in elaboration of fiction and facts, and “The Beginning of Creation: Abduction/A Child (2015) that is representing a legendary creation, is an artist way to make him/herself free.

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