Docu Francaise: Simplicity in The Story

Waiting for The (T)rain (Simon Panay, 2015)

Waiting for The (T)rain (Simon Panay, 2015)

Less (and/or) more, reminding us about what is becoming life – at least we always meet with that two words, even when facing a choice or the simplest thing. Tiredness over something excessive, sometimes pushed us to find things that simpler than it was.

Some life stories; a choice, peasure, anger, empathy and sympathy. The emergence of those point of views may change the way we live, even seeing other life. That deficiency could be an advantages, and vice versa.

A simple program in one of Partial sub-program of FFD 2016, Docu Francaise, is trying to invites the audience to be adapt when dividing and redefining two short words; less is more! The films in this program show us about the skipped daily activity that is often being forgotten.

A narration about genocide that reconstructed slowly through rocks and ruined monument. Reenacting the event that killed and erased a certain group in the hand of authoritarian regime of Yugoslavia in 1992. The government and Orthodox Church are rebuilding the debrises, rewriting an ancient history, right in the same place in Kamen-Les Pierres (Florence Lazar, 2014)

Searches and investigation by a filmmaker about a criminal case that becomes urban legend in Tunisia. Terror of women deemed indecent in dressing before revolution in Tunis started. Interesting things recorded when majority of Tunis’ People justifying Challat – the doer – ’s criminality in the middle of his searching in Le Chalat de Tunis (Kaouther Ben Hania, 2013)

A narration about a railway that crossed a small village in Burkina Faso. The Villagers had to dying in regime of slavery when the railway was built. When the arrival of the train raised hope in the middle of dry season, when the passengers of the train throw various type of logistics: water, meats, and fruits in Waiting for The (T)rain (Simon Panay, 2015)

Having a background that far too different, 3 characters are showed. The connectedness with Paris started by different stories, from compulsion to hopefulness, a story of cultural differences up to the uncertainty if identity. Three different fragments about three different impressions about Paris in En Déplacement (Leandro Muniz Barreto, 2015). [NR Novika / Ellyta Rahmayandi]

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