Displacement: Self-Criticism of Human Deracination

I Remember (Selim Yildiz, 2015)

I Remember (Selim Yildiz, 2015)

Exile is becoming a necessity. Henry Lefebvre, through his book The Production of Space (1992), gave an understanding about what ‘space’ is – pulled us out of habit on understanding space as an independent material reality or autonomous entity (space itself). According to him, space is social product that is not autonomous and highly influenced by the relation of power. It constructed as means of thinking and coherent acts with efforts to control in social relation.

In Indonesia, sectarian conflict is still going on continuously. Various cases of land confiscations and evictions are taking place everywhere all over the country, on behalf of city planning or natural resources’ exploitation. Those records on various narrations about environmental and humanitarian issues are what ‘Displacement’ is trying to explore more as main perspective on main program of FFD, of seeing the relation of power in comparison between an object’s beginning and final position. Through the cross-continental 17 films that will be screened on December 7-10th 2016, FFD wants to uncover about various displacement processes in space and time of our lives as human beings. With remained critical of the relation of power, we’ll invite the audience to experience of re-appearance of distance within social relation and its connection with the conflict of interests that surrounded it.

From the personal scope, the fact that to get out of a poor life circle, little Richard must get an educational access as an exit. Eventhough the way to get seems like having no end of it in Covered with The Blood of Jesus (Tommaso Contronei, 2015).

The Relation between Mbah Ledjar along with the villagers and their residences after half of Kampung Sosrokusuman owned by businessmen for hotel expansion and shopping center in Sosrokusuman (Nindi Raras, 2016)

Limited space for people from the remainder of eviction – excused as normalization of decent life in Jakarta – which is trying to look for the echo of it in Jakarta Unfair (Sindy Febriyani & Dhuha Ramadhani, 2016)

Or relation between citizen of Harbin, China and the river that considered as their mother through spontaneous yet poetic visualization in Demolition (J. P. Sniadecki, 2008). Sniadecki is keenly seeing relationship within humans and their city from the consequences of view that workers’ life is more interesting than the resulting product.

The narrative about how the issues of ensuring a safe sleeping area can be a question of life and death in Delhi, India. Cities of Sleep (Shaunak Sen, 2015), with a little portrait of absurd reality about profession as mattress leaseholder is real. Or the condition when faced with a reality that sleep is an absolute necessity and urged the city homeless in marginality. Sen gave the audiences more that exposure about how big the pressure of social and politic, but also offers an alternative point of view through philosophical exploration of the concept of sleep in general.

Or in arrangement scope that is more wide and global. Then Then Then (Daniel Schioler, 2015) with the cross-time and spatial visual recording that tale-telling us about disability of a generation to influenced the social change in fight for morality after a protest failure.

Film, with its narration has allowed us to imagine in detail. Giving shape of something that not intangible in reality or our minds, understanding various symbol and gesture, to imagining a change after watching it. Stepping up to the 15th years of FFD, we still believe on function and potency of film as contributor of humanism through its audiences’ acts after experiencing a film. Moreover, for documentary film – which not limited as redrawn of nature and world events imitation.

Each films on this program are presented through ‘Displacement’ as dynamics of each person or group’s journey. So it becomes essential when used as an instrument to understanding the retro-spatial concept that surrounded it. A representation about various journey through a point of view that allows us to reflect on humans and the context that surrounded them. [Dwiki Aprinaldi / Ellyta Rahmayandi]

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