Fragments of A Day: Natural Quotation of Alluring Day


The first ever collaboration program between Festival Film Dokumenter with National Film Board of Canada (NFB) with the title “Fragments of A Day” as one of festival program of FFD. The program will present audiovisual series that has been summarized towards simple yet satisfying conclusion. Through three short film with narration about ordinary activity that could be not attracctive in observer’s perspective, but captured by the camera with interesting way, make the subject inside interesting to see. The possibilities that is being offered is the unity of questions about daily activity, from what are you doing daily and what matter you face one day, up to the same question for tomorrow.

“Nowhere Land” (Rosie Bonnie Ammaaq, 2015) which brings us not only a day, but also tomorrow, and the next days ahead – in single silent that was born from residence in the middle of nowhere. With black and white screen, “Dialogue(s)” (Phillippe David Gagné, 2016), through snippets of some unrelated activity, minimalist arrangement (including the colour) outside depiction of talks between individuals that seized our attention on the visible object, so clear but could be missed. Also “stone Maker” (Jean-Marc E. Roy, 2016) with scenes from one astivity that arranged in such way towards cresendo, playing with the tempo of scene snippets and natural background sound.

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