Competition: Appreciation of Documentary Films Diversity

Roshmia (Salim Abu Jabal, 2015)

Roshmia (Salim Abu Jabal, 2015)

For the past 14 years, Competition Program of Festival Film Documenter is designed as appreciation media and recognition of Indonesian documentary films. The appreciation and recognition is certainly not standing by itself, but having purposes to see how, or how far are appreciation and recognition influencing documentary films developments in Indonesia. Hopefully, FFD can give positive influence, eventhough the form of the appreciation can not be limited in creative scope, with the constantly changing benchmark alongside of periodic reading of Indonesian documentary film.

In its 15th years of implementation from the 3 presented category: Long Documentary, Short Documentary, and Student Documentary – for the first time the opportunity is opened to documentary films from the outside of Indonesia on Long Documentary category. This step is taken as a form of challenge on seeing Indonesian documentary films development that more globally oriented – not only talking about content, but also audience target and audience scope.

With the total of 151 submitted films: 53 films submission of Long Documentary category; 87 films submission of Short Documentary category; and 11 films submission of Student Documentary, this year competition is successfully achieved highest submission numbers than previous years. The submitted films are also diversed in various aspects, not only from applicants demography, but also diversed in themes, contents, and forms. Starting from the appointed theme that is simple and having proximity with our daily life up to the themes that need more investigation about actual issues – also the issues that is never end to be debated and cross-age issues such as gender and sexuality.

Long Documentary category with John Badalu, Lisabona Rahman, and Ranjan Palit as the juries, will choose 1 from 8 films to be the winner. I Want To Be A King (Mehdi Ganji, 2014) about religion and polygamy. Red Clothes (Lida Chan, 2016) about negelecting human rights because of fashion in Cambodia. Roshmia (Salim Abu Jabal, 2015) about elderly that still survived in the middle of conflict. Nokas (Manuel Alberto Maia, 2016) about a story about wating to be married in the midst of war. Shadow Girl (Maria Teresa Larrain, 2016) with the story of fighting for blindness and how she face it. Potongan (Chairun Nissam 2016) recording of human rights themed films journey that against LSF. And the last, Bulu Mata (Tonny Trimarsanto, 2016) about transgender.

This year short documentary category of competition programs contains 9 choosen films. They are Mata Elang (Wisnu Dewa Broto, 2016) which lifting an issue about inscribed thugs, Anak Koin (Chrisila Wentiasri, 2016) about children in Port Bakauheni, Senandung Sunyi Samudera (Afran Sabran & Andi F. Azzahra, 2016) recorded the fishermen and reclamation in Makassar beach, Kerabat (Wisnu Kusuma, 2015) seeing the meeting of two friends, Jembatan Sibuk (David D., 2016) seeing the routines of Gunung Nago bridge in Lambung Bukik, Padang, Sumatera Barat. Miang Meng Jakarta (Opan Rinaldi, 2016) idealism pressure an elementary school graduate who wants to go out from her hometown.  Generasi Sekian (Vonny Kanisius, 2015) potraiting Chinese descent in Indonesia after the trauma of the riot which often makes Chinese people as the aggrieved party, Sepanjang Jalan Satu Arah (Bani Nasution, 2016) about election of mayor of the city, and Petani Terakhir (Dwitra J. Ariana, 2016) about a farmer life who faced sectarian problems. The winner of this category will be choosen by 3 juries. They are: Eric Sasono, F.X. Harsono, and Yosep Anggi Noen.

In the last category, Student Documentary is trying to appreciate young potencies in documentary industry. This year, the choosen finalist is originated from curation result of the festival and the winner will be choosen by St. Kartono, B. W. Purbanegara, and Thong Kay-Wee as the juries. Galian C (Wely Alfian, 2016) is visited the polemic of ‘C quarry’ in Purbalingga district. Kami Hanya Menjalankan Perintah, Jenderal! (Ilman Nafai, 2016) is telling us about 3 ex-Cakrabirawa – a regiment during the reign of Soeharto – that repeatedly question the tragedy in one night and the days afterward, Setitik Asa dari Kita (Rizkia Tarisa & Rizqa Ananda Mahrani Parisi, 2016) seeing thalassemia patient who is fighting with constraints of economy, 1880 mdpl (Riyan Sigit Wiranto & Miko Saleh, 2016) lifting a life of transmigrants in a village in Atu Lintang sub-district, Aceh Tengah – who is too bored on the unsatisfied by their salary that forced them to open a new land in the forest. Arang Bathok (Defi Hikmawati, 2016) interpreting coconut shell as a more meaningful and valueable entity. Waktu Makan (Erika Filiyani & Ikhwanto, 2016) is a narration about a man which became a feeder for the carnivore as his occupation.

Each of films that choosen is considered adequate to representing diversity or at least adequate to sparks the style of constructive renewals. From here, the choosen films are hopefully capable to stimulate not only discusions and criticisms of Indonesian documentary appearance – and how is the half of it standing in the international scope, but also the emergence of documentary creation that carry new color in the next years. [Anas AH / Ellyta Rahmayandi]

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