Asian Docs: Recollecting Memories in Experiencing Asia

Singapore Minstrel (Ng Xi Jie, 2015)

Singapore Minstrel (Ng Xi Jie, 2015)

Asian Docs is back to enliven Festival Film Dokumenter on December 7-10, 2016. Film Screening will be held on IFI-LIP Yogyakarta, this is a form of collaboration between FFD and Jogja NETPAC Asian Film Festival (JAFF). The initial idea of this program has been through a variety of efforts to enhance the interest of the audience on Asian films — more than just as a form of mere geographical region. The idea of Asia emerged from understanding that every country in Asia had and carried their own voice, situation, problems, and aesthetic — the embodiment of their way of life with the elements of it; people, citizen. Culture, and economic and political situation that diversed — which certainly can not be measured with the same parameter of each countries.

In 2016, Asian Docs Program is presented with the purpose to arouse back the memories about Asia for the enthusiasts in personal , community, or country scope. The Films that will be screened later contain narratives about situations, problems, and aesthetics that is embodiment of Asian way of life such as in Singapore, Korea, Thailand, China, India, and other Asian country. The purpose is in line with the main theme of this year Festival Fil Dokumenter, where  ‘Displacement’ is present as a representation of some elements; a jump of recorded events from time to time where the history and memory become substantial to represented, human rights issues that emerged from local political policy up to globalization that impacted personal story or context of the city in its social life, and how culture acts as media control at the same time as media resistance against a system’ policy.

There are 2 long films and 2 short films that will be presented. The 2 long films are; ‘Geu-reom-e-do-Bul-gu-ha-go / Still and All’ (Youngjo Kim, 2015, Korea Selatan) a story about Yeongdeo Island – as a change center and revitalization — to move on ‘re-building’ plans of the government, The 2 short films are: ‘Singapore Minstrel’ (Ng Xi Jie, 2015, Singapore) that flows kaleidoscopically about Roy and the discource about culture and expression plays in reading of public spaces in Singapore through art frame din Singapore’s curbside — emerged as beautiful entities and magical. ‘Xinyiwood’ (Shih-Chieh Lin, 2015, USA/Taiwan) is a documenter that responds to the poetry in 8th century through combinations of visualization of oldest  and newest archive, and ‘Shirno Bahu / Thin Arms’ (Sandeep Ray, 2013, India) about tiredness and obsession of a old woman who is undergoing medical treatment in the hospital with mango tree outside her bedroom window.

Together with some long films and short films that will be presented, we are invited to contemplating and aroused our curiousity and empathy towards other humans – especially towards state polemics that happened within our social life. Through this program, hopefully the euforia of asian social life could be digged up even more and can be involved more in undertanding process of being the real Asia, in which maintaining the originality of identity and involved to preserve the culture and also sensitive to the undisclosed phenomena, even more in Asia.  [Justicia Handykaputri / Ellyta Rahmayandi]

For further schedule can be accessed here

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