Asian Doc: Lost and Found, Finding Asia

I Want To Go Home

Rising “Lost and Found” for the theme, Asian Doc once again presents in Festival Film  Dokumenter. In its 3rd year, the with Jogja NETPAC Asian Film Festival (JAFF) collaboration will dig more about how lost and found are 2 realities in our daily life. Like the born-die cycle, it is a inevitability that come in each dimension of human’s life. Through the film screening on the upcoming 9-15 December 2017, the audience will be presented various from of lost that is blurring sensory limits and how complex context is behind each film’s reality.

From “Laleh Complex” (Komeil Soheili, 2017) which recorded a story about a group of children isolation in a rural village in Iran. The isolation narration that so complicated made them can’t not be separated from Iran history as a third nation that was born from a combat of 2 superpowers. Resulted in a civilozation that didn’t give spaces for its individual to dream on.

Or how is lost as an event that makes someone drown in it. Through Yasuo Takamatsu’s finding story of his wife that was lost in earthquake and tsunami tragedy that occured in Japan in 2011, “I Want To Go Home” (Wesley Leon Aroozoo, 2017), recorded how the loss he experienced was a point in event constellation that couldn’t be isolated from each other. The loss in Takamatsu’s eyes was not physical matter anymore. It orn from long history of a dynamics human, so that will be back in finding phase and repeating the same cycle.

That kind of variety of cycle is also presented in “Tetsu Kono’s Crazy Routine” (Sébastien Simon & Forest Ian Etsler, 2016). Following Tetsu Kono’s character a middle-aged man who was blurring the loss  and found cycle. Through his hobby of attending film festival that consuming  more than half of his lifetime, make his ridiculous obsession was something existential.

Or 69 minutes long of Rit’s story, a projector programmer in a cinema theatre in Thailand, struggling with the fact that his workplace was dying in “Phantom of Illumination” (WattanapumeLaisuwanchai, 2017). How was Asia seen as a set of values that couldn’t be separated from maritime wealth, up to life reality of third world countries. Presenting lost and found Rit’s hope that was faced with a fact about how capitalism was an inevitability

The high pressure on civilization movement left narrow space for its individual to talk in public. Making us miss the anxiety that occurs, so we once again trapped in the same narration about Asia. Through each films in this progran, FFD is trying to give the audience to see Asia as whole; a spatial and social space with all elements inside that are interconnected.

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