5 Islands / 5 Villages: Indonesia-Germany Cross Perspective

Der Grenzgaenger

There are so many passed events in front of our eyes and giving knowledges that accepted unconsciously. That thing presents inside our mind, eventhough only a brief moment. As example the present of imagination of one’s lfe in a region that known unconsciously through an image in magazine, media mainstream, or even calendar. This circumstance which explained how the environtment has given the knowledge that affecting human to determine way of truth seeing.

5 Islands/5 Villages Program that is initiated by Goethe Institute in collaboration with Pepe Danquart from Hamburg Art University, Hoschule für Bildendende Künste Hamburg (HFBK Hamburg), is also responding natural event that occured above. They are trying to see how an Indonesian seeing Germany, and vice versa. From Frebruari until March 2016, five college students from HFBK Hamburg stayed in five different islands in Indonesia to record citizen life around there. Whilst on May 2017, Goethe Institute, HFBK Hamburg, and Indocs has chosen 5 filmmakers from Indonesia to produce film in 5 villages in Germany for three weeks. Those villages and islands is far from the influence of frenetic city and media mainstream. In this case, documentary is choosen as a medium to actualize the way they see an unfamiliar world. Through that kind of program design, the filmmakers are being pushed to more sensitive towards periphery topics, distance, time, and timing in producing documentary, through their believing on their senses.

The filmmakers are invited to observe and recording characteristic, trait, and life pulse that is typical in designated time. Three weeks was short enough to the process. Moreover in the same time, they need to built their perspective, determining topics, and arranging program design. All of it decided independently. Eventhough they were still working below Pepe Danquart and Bernd Schoch lecture,  two directors known for documentary.

In our 16th edition, Festival Film Dokumenter in collaboration with Goethe Institute Indonesia, holding series of film screening and dicussion that is intending to presenting other narration within developed narration and mastering point of view of reality.

The event will be started on Sunday, 10 December 2017 19.00 at Societet Taman Budaya Yogyakarta. Festival Film Dokumenter will be opened discussion space with 3 filmmakers from Indonesia; Andriaus Oetje for the film about someone’s anxiety towards a village in Sumte. Neidersachesen, Bani Nasution in an event he considered  bizzare in Leidingen, Saarland, and Wahyu Utami Wati with her discovery when follwed fishermen’s life in Pellworm.

In the next session, (Monday 11 December 2017, 13.00), 5 films from Germany filmmaker will be screened at Auditorium of IFI-LIP Yogyakarta. In this session, Festival Film Dokumenter invites the audiences to see how they see Indonesia. Through the films, Yannick Kaftan who was seeing Bajo tribe’s society problem in Wangi-Wangi, Wakatobi, Anna Walkstein with Bobahena society, Halmahera, Samuel J. Heinrichs with society’s midnight business waiting for boats in Ba’a Rore, Nusa Tenggara Timur Province, Marko Mijatovic and his curiousity towards Maluku people’s way of cure, and Max Sänger with his Reda Mata. In this opportunity, will be opened a discussion space with program initiator of 5 Islands/5 Villages, Dr. Heirich Blömeke (Director of Goethe-Institute Indonesia) on 15.00 and also response for 4 of 5 filmmakers of 5 Villages Program by Dr. Amalinda Savirani from Politic and Government Departement Universitas Gadjah Mada.

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