Presentation: The Ballads of Cinema Lovers

The history of Indonesia cinema is built by anyone; audiences, filmmakers, film roll delivery guys, movie theater owners, communities, festivals, governments up to mass organizations who often prohibit screening movies. Such condition makes our cinema history a complicated and dynamic arena of contestation. This arena connects so many parties to various interests. Here we can ask a question; whether cinema can be an emancipative and egalitarian space or not, knowing how variety ideas, creativity, aesthetics from various communities can be understood as a representation of the spectrum form of our cinema.

Cinema Lovers Community Purbalingga (CLC) emerged in this contestation. Their love of cinema encourages them to imagine a locality in the spectrum of Indonesia cinema. Diligently, using some strategies that’s not less interesting, this youth and student network drive the rate of Indonesia cinema from Purbalingga.

Through this Presentation program, FFD 2017 proposes the movie Balada Bala Sinema as a visual note of film community dynamic in Purbalingga. Through this movie we would be able to understand the current history of Indonesia cinema and local contestation in this arena. This program will also present the filmmaker and CLC Purbalingga to discuss and deepen our discourse about Indonesia cinema movement, one of them is developing through community.


Curated by Aditya Rizki Pratama, edited by Franciscus Apriwan

The Ballads of Cinema Lovers

FFD 2017 | Balada Bala Sinema
Cinema Lovers Community (CLC) Purbalingga, established by Bowo Leksono in 2006, has so far generated a number of young filmmakers with a lot of national-level achievements. Moreover, CLC Purbalingga has been consistently and independently holding the Purbalingga Film Festival, presenting a “Celebration” of Film Festival amidst society, holding the open-air cinema in many villages in Banyumas Raya. Purbalingga is so far away from the luxurious, cutting-edge theaters and the frenetic film industry of the Capital; yet, there is where the zest to present the best for Indonesian cinema keeps alive and propagating. This is a documentary about their passion, militancy, and simplicity – The Ballads of Cinema Lovers.
Yuda Kurniawan2017118 min.Indonesia
RatingScreening & Discussion Schedule
15+Thursday, December 14th, 2017 | Societet TBY | 19:00 | Q&A
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